Meet Exoy ONE

LED Infinity Mirror Dodecahedron Lamp
Next Generation of AI-powered Party Lighting




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Dutch Quality

2-Year Warranty

What is Exoy™ ONE

A cutting-edge LED infinity dodecahedron lamp, brilliantly combines art and technology to deliver an immersive, dynamic light show, revolutionizing the way we interact with lighting. 

Let's disrupt the lighting Industry!

Unfolding the 4th Dimension

Dive deep into infinity

AI-Powered Music Sync

See your music come to life

Mobile App Control

Full control at your fingertips

AI-Powered Scene Generation 

Turn on and enjoy

70+ Modes, 10 Mode Packs

From rave to meditation

Sync up to a 100 Units

Ultimate light show

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Dutch Quality

2-Year Warranty


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Unparalleled audio-visual sensation PARTY LOVERS can’t resist.

Transformative lighting innovation ART COLLECTORS are seeking.

Captivating centerpiece CLUBS are desiring to showcase.



Endless reflections for ultimate visual exploration.

Using Exoy's advanced infinity mirror tech, Exoy™ ONE delivers potent, lasting, and lifelike limitless reflections.
Exoy™ ONE's accurate sound sync transforms your music into a vivid, multi-dimensional light show.

IMG_6516 Large.jpeg__PID:825653c0-ee3e-43a9-8f1e-f2cb31cc1c48

From introspective solitude to vibrant gatherings, Exoy™ ONE adapts its essence.

As an art piece in your living space, it mesmerizes guests and stimulates conversation.

With its mood-enhancing background illumination, Exoy™ ONE subtly complements your state of mind.

At parties, its pulsating lights captivate the crowd and synchronize with the rhythm, ensuring the energy never fades.

The Exoy™ ONE is more than just light; it’s an immersive experience that steals the spotlight.

Unfolding the 4th Dimension

AID_6160 Large.jpeg__PID:d2f02c53-8be1-4608-a3b7-26b109884ef6

Dive into infinity with the Exoy™ ONE. This captivating dodecahedron casts an endless stream of light, turning any space into a mesmerizing cosmic spectacle. It's not just lighting - it's a living art piece.

Experience lighting in harmony with your favorite tunes. The Exoy™ ONE adapts to the rhythm, energy, and mood of your music, transforming your room into a dynamic, immersive light show. Our AI technology takes the complexity of music analysis and turns it into pure visual magic.

AI-Powered Music Sync

AI-Powered Scene Generation

Experience the cutting-edge in lighting technology as our AI-powered Exoy™ ONE crafts one-of-a-kind light scenes based on the music playing. It doesn't just sync with the beat - it understands the rhythm, melody, and energy of the song to create intricate and dynamic light patterns, Each track brings a fresh, custom visual experience that truly embodies the music.

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Mobile App Control

Command your Exoy™ ONE effortlessly through our user-friendly mobile app. Adjust colors, select modes, and control brightness all at your fingertips.


70+ Unique Modes

From subtle ambiance to explosive color, Exoy™ ONE boasts over 70 distinctive lighting modes. Explore and select what suits your mood or occasion best.


Link up to 100 Units

Ignite an astounding spectacle by synchronizing up to 100 Exoy™ ONE units. Perfect for festivals, clubs, or large gatherings, this feature amplifies the light show to an entirely new level.

Technical Specifications


14" x 12" x 12" | 36 x 33 x 29 cm

Box Size

15" x 14" x 12" | 38 x 36 x 33 cm

Light Source

WS2812B LEDs


16.4 Million

Number of IC LEDs


LED longevity

L70 50,000 hours


Mobile App, Touch Button


Wi-Fi 2.4GHz

Power consumption

30W (max), 12W (avg)

Power adapter

US, EU, UK or AU (based on the delivery country)


iOS, Android, Web


Durable PVC frame, scratch-proof PMMA panels 

Worlwide Shipping

Dutch Quality

2-Year Warranty


Our Story

Exoy was born in 2020 when Maksim Rolscikovs, a young entrepreneur from Latvia, decided to change the game in lighting. We started selling Infinity Lighting on Etsy and worked hard to build a solid reputation, earning an average of 4-star reviews.‍

Our innovative ideas came to life in Latvia where we created all our products by ourselves. But in 2023, we decided to spread our wings and moved to the Netherlands. Here, we started working on an even more advanced LED Dodecahedron.‍

At Exoy, we're a blend of young energy and professional know-how, thanks to our partnership with Dutch lighting experts from Stogger. Their expertise and our passion help us make truly unique and exciting products.

But the real fuel for our journey comes from you - your ideas, your feedback. Our main market is in the US, and we're keen to build strong relationships there. We're launching a Kickstarter campaign in September, with delivery set for Christmas. We can't wait to share our newest creation with you.

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James Johnson

This light is absolutely beautiful! It arrived quickly and was very well protected in the box. Setting it up was easy and fun, there are many light settings to play with. It really adds to the room. It's more than I expected and worth every penny- thank you!


Lisa Wilson

This made the perfect gift. It looks so cool. The product arrived in perfect condition, and very well packed. The company answered my questions quickly and professionally. I had my reservations about it being shipped overseas but I’m quite pleased with the product.


Carlos Bahmoot

Just received my LED Infinity Dodecahedron and it is amazing! I tried the music sync mode and it works great. I had bought another similar but smaller Infinity Dodecahedron and it was just a cheap version that was awful. I am very  impressed with this lamp.


Custom Lights for Your Business

Discover customized lighting solutions tailored to your vision.